Fashion Tips For Embracing Your Skin With Vitiligo!

Fashion Tips For Embracing Your Skin With Vitiligo!

Have you seen iris flowers and been mesmerised by their graceful presence? Well, just like those gorgeous flowers, you, dear friend, are a powerful symbol of resilience, blooming with the unique patterns of vitiligo that showcase your radiant beauty to the world.

Fashion can be a way to tell your tale, to embrace and celebrate your skin. From making statements with bold patterns to having fun with jewellery or dazzling through makeup, fashion shines as a guiding light, empowering you to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. 

So, grab your mirror and channel your inner fashionista, because we are going to explore some amazing fashion tricks, for you to express yourself! 

Clothing Confidence

  • Comfort Is Key

Living with vitiligo can come with its own share of challenges, but finding comfortable clothes shouldn't be one of them. A breathable fabric such as cotton is super soft and lets your skin breathe. Wear cotton clothes as they wouldn't trap heat and lead to any discomfort. 

This way, you show your skin some extra care, keeping it cool and happy. You know, these clothes are less likely to cause any irritations to your skin, unlike synthetic materials. So, you can feel like a dream in your outfit and enjoy the moment without any worries!

  • Explore Clothing Types 

If you are interested in using clothing to minimise the visibility of vitiligo, look out for various clothing options to find what feels good and suits your personal preferences. 

Blouses with different necklines including turtle neck, high neck and crewneck can be your versatile wardrobe staples to help you manage vitiligo in your neck. Rocking those long-sleeved tops or cute ¾th maxi dresses can be an easy way to style and conceal the spots. 

Run like a wind and spread the wings of your confidence with fabulous full-length pants. These pants offer comfort, and coverage and complement your style. Protect your skin with full sleeves from friction, as they can trigger vitiligo. 

And no, these clothing choices are not just to hide your marks. They are a proactive step to minimise sunburns and irritations for all your outdoor adventures. Oh, sunscreens are a must each and every day for healthy skin irrespective of what you wear!

Please know that you don't have to feel pressured to hide the patches. After all, they are a part of what makes you, you! So, select attires that make you happy, whether or not you want them to camouflage your vitiligo. 

  • Fit Like A Glove

Clothes that move with you, flow with you and step up with you, are your partners for comfort all day long. 

You walk tall with pride, each step exuding the vibrations of self confidence and self love, when your clothes follow your figure, flatter your body and fascinate yourself with a clean, poised look. 

The tailored clothes that fit offer comfort and freedom of movement too. So, say ‘yes’ to the dress that fits you well.

  • Experiment With Patterns

Just like the colourful butterflies that flaunt the intricate details on their wings, don't shy away from playing with bold patterns and designs to add charm to your clothes. Experiment with prints, stripes, floral, abstract, geometric shapes or anything that makes your heart flutter. 

Patterns can be similar to fireworks, drawing the eye to the sparkle of design and away from the vitiligo patches. But remember, they should add joy to your fashion journey and not overwhelm you. 

Aim for a balance and avoid clashing of too many patterns to create visually soothing attire. 

And, there is absolutely no need for you to cover up the vitiligo area with the designs if you don't want to. You are stunning, just the way you are! 

So, you can just use the patterns and designs as a way to communicate your feelings, thoughts and emotions to the world!

  • Spin The Colour Wheel

You could choose to ignite your spirits with orange attires, glisten in pearly white dresses as a moon, blush like a rose in rich red or turn heads with any colour you fancy! 

Go for a chic monochromatic look, try colours that complement your undertones or maybe craft interesting contrast colour combinations.

If not, just break the shackles of the stereotypes and colour the life of your clothes with shades that make you feel alive. Trust us, you own every single colour imaginable. 

  • Prioritise Protection 

Sun protective clothing keeps you safe from the sun while you chase the sunsets, fly among the clouds or dive deep to swim with the whales. With this clothing, you get to focus on making memories and not sunscreen that needs to be reapplied every few hours. 

Similar to the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in sunscreen, UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rates the shield scale of the clothing. This number lets you know how much UV protection the fabric offers. 

Well, this helps you make informed decisions by comparing clothes that have better UV protection, according to your needs.

So, opt for outfits with UPF 50 or above for an excellent barrier against the sun and shower your skin with some love! 

Accessorise Right 

Even the mightiest of mountains adorn the accessories of trees, waterfalls and mists to enhance its beauty. Yes, with minimal effort, the lovely accessories when paired with humble attires, instantly serve breathtaking looks, leaving everyone speechless. 

The bold jewellery, attractive scarves and playful wide-brimmed hat demand attention to them. Hide a wink behind the sunglasses or bring drama to the table with the gloves. 

Stand out of the crowd, loud and proud, with statement pieces that reflect who you are as an individual. Oh, did we mention that they can also guard your vitiligo skin in style, against harmful UV rays?

Magic Of Makeup

A touch of makeup can boost your smile and your own beauty, improving your confidence. You have numerous makeup solutions available, to mask your vitiligo patches in varying levels of coverage. 

So, after prepping your skin with the essentials, start your makeup by applying a thin layer of lightweight primer to help your skin create a smooth base. 

Now, achieve an even complexion by gently blending the concealer over the spots. A light dusting of the translucent powder sets the makeup and gives you a fresh, natural look. Check out our blog on how to cover vitiligo patches with makeup, if you want to learn more about them in detail! 

You Matter! 

While living with vitiligo, you might feel that the stares are part of an unavoidable reality. The constant stares make you feel as if they see the patches before they see you. And, we totally understand how uneasy and emotionally draining it can be for you. 

So, the most important fashion tip is to wear your confidence. No outfit or accessories can outshine it. Hold your head high, flaunt your style and show the universe the marvellous wonder, that is you. Some days, those stares might sting, but the others, we wish for you to look past them and realise you are way beyond your skin. 

Darclore: For You, With You

We hear you. Your struggles are real and we, at Darclore, want you to love and be confident in your beautifully unique skin. Our wonderful collection of camouflage concealers that come in a spectrum of shades helps you with that. Find the perfect match and let it even out your skin tone. 

No matter whether you decide to conceal, highlight or simply embrace your skin with vitiligo, we promise to support and cheer for you all along your path.

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