Concealing Vitiligo: A Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

Concealing Vitiligo: A Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

Makeup is a compelling language to speak about your journey of strength to the world and to your inner self, without uttering a single word. A stroke of colour can uplift your confidence and illuminate your vitiligo skin. 

To conceal vitiligo, prep your skin first. Layer the concealer and set your makeup with a translucent powder to lock everything in place. These simple steps can make you look naturally radiant in no time!

So, feeling called to the world of makeup? Let's get started with this beginner-friendly tutorial. 

The Makeup Guide

  • Prep For Perfection

Skin prep refers to the steps you should take to get your skin ready for applying makeup products. With skin prep, you can set the stage to reveal the very best your skin can offer.

Your makeup will reflect the bright, plump and uniform finish when the skin is properly cared for. You can enrich your makeup look from good to great easily and ensure it stays flawless from morning to night! 

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing is the fundamental, yet essential first step in a skincare routine, especially for vitiligo skin to keep it healthy. 

It lifts away all the oil buildup, sweat, pollutants, and unwanted skin cells, leaving your face feeling soft and revitalised. Having smooth and clean skin is half the battle for your dreamy makeup application. 

Show some love to your skin by cleansing it with hydrating cleansing milk or mild soap that works for your skin type. Choose fragrance-free, non-comedogenic products that won't irritate your skin or clog your pores.

Cleansing Technique

  • Less is more! A pea-sized amount of cleansing lotion is enough for your entire face. 
  • Use your clean fingers to gently massage the cleanser in a circular motion to cover all the areas. 
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water to retain the natural protective oils of your skin. 
  • After rinsing away all traces of cleanser, pat your face dry with a fresh, soft towel.

Step 2: Moisture 

Sometimes, vitiligo-affected skin can be prone to dryness but know that moisturising regularly can help you maintain a strong skin barrier. 

Pampering your face with moisturiser before applying makeup can hydrate your face and help avoid the cakey finish. Oh, it also ensures even coverage and long-lasting wear. 

Fragrances can be a nightmare, so find a moisturiser that is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic to keep your sensitive vitiligo skin happy. 

Moisturisers with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides can guard your skin against dryness and give you that dewy glow. 

Moisturising Technique

  • After washing your face, while your skin is still slightly damp, pat it dry and immediately reach for the moisturiser. 
  • This dampness allows the moisturiser to lock in the existing moisture and leave your skin soft and supple.
  • Apply the moisturiser in soft circles with your fingertips or pat it onto your skin instead of harshly rubbing it, to prevent irritation.
  • Give your moisturiser a few minutes to absorb before you move on to the next thing.

Step 3: Sun Protection 

No skin-prepping routine is complete without prioritising sunscreen. You know, sunlight makes your vitiligo skin extra vulnerable to sunburn, redness, irritation and in some cases, even worsen the condition. 

So, it is very crucial to take time to apply sunscreen. There is no room for compromise here, so don't skip this step and take the risk.

We cannot stress enough about the importance of sun protection. Want to know how to stay safe under the sun's rays? Head over to our blog post on ‘essential tips for sun protection’. (Add link)

Look for a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum formula (UVA and UVB) with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 or more for the best shield against the sun. Remember, a higher SPF provides more protection. 

Sunscreen Application 

  • Use a generous amount of sunscreen. 
  • A good rule of thumb is to apply one ounce of sunscreen, which is roughly the amount it takes to fill your palm. This will keep your face, neck, arms, and legs safe from sunburn.
  • Rub it tenderly onto all the areas exposed to the sun until you don't see any white cast anymore. 

Step 4: Primer 

Primer preps your skin to create a good base for your makeup to shine. This is an amazing solution. Yes, hear us out - it evens out your skin texture, and minimises the appearance of pores and wrinkles, so you can apply the makeup beautifully. 

And to top it all off, it brightens your skin for a fresh, dewy look. Well, depending on the primer you pick, it can also control oil on your skin or add some moisture. You can also keep your makeup in place for a long time with primer. 

Primer Application 

  • Apply the primer a short while after completing your skincare and before the concealer.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of primer onto your fingertips.
  • Dot the product all over your face, making sure to target the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) as they tend to be more oily. 
  • Blend the primer kindly with upward and outward motions for a seamless base.
  • Take a quick break as you allow the primer to dry. 

Makeup Time

Skin prep lesson complete, dear friend! Now, let's move on to create magic with makeup. 

Step 5: Camouflage Concealer 

Camouflage concealer is here to be your confidant. This high-coverage makeup is specifically designed to even out the patches in your vitiligo skin and create a smoother and balanced complexion. Now, you can face the day feeling gorgeous and confident.  

Finding your holy grail camouflage concealer is all about picking the right formula, based on your skin type and needs.

Concealers that are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested are the key to keeping your skin safe and free from any irritation.

Opt for highly pigmented concealers that hide everything you want and match your skin tone. But hey, are you confused by all the concealer colours out there? 

Our blog - how to know which concealer shade suits your skin’, can help you select the right shade. 

Concealer Application 

  • Spread the concealer over your face using gentle strokes, either with a brush or your fingertips.
  • Use a small amount of the product and blend it thoroughly, for a natural appearance. 
  • Build up the coverage by adding thin layers of concealer until the vitiligo spot is camouflaged. 

Step 6: Set The Makeup 

You will be perfecting your base, blending out the concealer and slaying the new makeup look. But before you head out the door, there is one more significant step that can make or break your entire makeup look: setting. 

The translucent powder adds the finishing touch, polishing off your makeup. They absorb the excess oil for a long-lasting, matte complexion. Powders also reduce the chances of the makeup transferring to your clothing throughout the day.

This colourless wonder sets your makeup without adding any coverage but giving a sheer, natural finish. 

Powder Application 

  • Gently press the translucent powder onto your face with a cotton pad.
  • Or, use a makeup brush and employ slow, circular strokes to distribute the powder evenly. 
  • Tap the brush to remove any buildup before continuing.

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